Advanced Electrolysis of Suffolk has been in business for over 35 years with two professional locations at Mount Sinai, N.Y. and another at Deer Park, N.Y.  Listed in the Library of Congress in the yearbook of 2003, under Professional and Executives, Advanced Electrolysis Of Suffolk was named leader in her unique performance in the field of Electrolysis.   Using the Hinkel Blend, Advanced Electrolysis Of Suffolk, comes highly recommended by professional figures with well known accomplishments to successfully remove hair permanently for men and women of all ages on the entire face and body. (100% guaranteed)   After years of other methods such as tweezing  waxing, shaving, depilatories including laser, none have yet succeeded in replacing electrolysis.  Electrolysis is the only traditional method using modern equipment to safely and permanently remove unwanted hair growth.  Stop tormenting yourself with decisions and conclusion of hopelessness, by giving in to the fact of a lifelong hair problem.  Not true.  Call for an appointment today for healthy, smooth, silky hair free skin.  Don't Delay.  Start now.  Feel great about yourself.                                                                                                                                                                  At  Advanced Electrolysis of Suffolk, you will get the best service of accuracy and speed saving you more dollars in your pocket, with receiving quick end results to your satisfaction.  Advanced Electrolysis Of Suffolk launched two sister companies of permanent  techniques and services to compliment electrolysis.  Advanced Intra-dermal  Cosmetology, the art of permanent cosmetics and Advanced Photo Rejuvenation, advance treatment to a more youthful looking skin.   You will comfortably visit clean, pleasant surrounding atmosphere.  We will accommodate  you with private sessions by appointment only.       

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