Electrolysis vs. Alternatives 

Laser......Laser is "not" permanent hair removal, It is considered a method of hair reduction, claiming to remove 80% of unwanted hair, when in fact medically speaking it's not possible.  Because is is a topical treatment, it would destroy skin cells before the hair cells deep in the dermis layers, causing irreversible damage to rapid pigmentation and aging skin. Electrolysis is the only proven method to destroy hair on contact safely and permanently never to return. 

Shaving, Bleaching or Depilatories.....These methods are a waste of time and effort, prolonging the growth only to worsen in time. Regardless to your preference of tool or ingredient, it all basically comes down to shaving.  Bleaching breaks the hair causing stronger growth, needing the bleach stay on longer causing skin discoloration. The NoNo, nair, depilatories and gadgets are all merely wiping hair away to regrow.


Tweezing and Waxing.......Pulling the hair from the root gets the results you want at first, but the damage is severe.  As time goes by the hair becomes thick, strong and deep rooted. It cannot be waxed unless the hair is long enough to grip, so you tweeze the hairs the wax didn't get and soon you are digging into your skin daily tweezing in despear.

Electrolysis.....Is the "only" method, proven the test of time, 100% guaranteed to permanently remove unwanted/unsightly hair, to last a lifetime. It is professionally recommended with outstanding results of smooth clear skin on the entire body for both Men and Woman of all ages. A safe and chic experience.

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